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Pain Management

Pain Management and Addiction

In many cases a person may become addicted to drugs completely by accident. A person is injured in one way or another and is prescribed loads of pain medication to ease the pain. When there is chronic pain involved, the person will be given prescription pain medication on a regular basis. Day after day, month after month, the person takes this medication. A tolerance to the medication grows after a period of time and the person begins to take more than they are prescribed in order to ease the pain. The doctor may even prescribe something stronger because the initial medication no longer works. Unfortunately, this often leads to an inadvertent addiction to the pain killers. Eventually the patient cannot function at all without large doses of the chemicals that they have been using. They will begin to run out of their medications and start using whatever they can find to ease the pain that they suffer with. This type of addiction can just as easily ruin the life of all people involved.

At our drug treatment facilities, we understand that people who are in this situation have to be treated in a different manner than other people who are struggling with addiction. There is more to this than just taking them off of the drug because they still need some form of pain management. It is all about taking them through a drug detox successfully and slowly repairing the drug receptors in their brain. This is done through medical treatment, proper medicating, and counseling.

Pain management and drug rehab are often combined in treatment facilities to help patients who have inadvertently become addicted to pain medications. In our treatment facility we use our skills and knowledge to help the patient understand the addiction and what has to be done in order to maintain sobriety and manage their pain as well. We will focus on teaching proper pain management techniques, proper medication knowledge, and sober living.

If this is a situation that you have found yourself in, or a loved one has become addicted to drugs due to their pain management needs, you should know that there is help available. Drug rehab could be the answer to help you get your life back on track. We are here to help and you can call us in at (301) 747-3237.


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